Micro-Trenched Fiber Optic


One of the many, many projects on my home project list was to run wired network connectivity between our house and the garage (which is a physically separate building). The existing WiFi extension to the garage proved widely variable and generally unreliable. It’s no fun to be in the middle of a Peloton class and have the class freeze. Similarly, it’s disappointing when a laptop or iDevice cannot connect to the Internet when I’m trying to work on a technical project in the garage workshop.

Because there were not a number of good paths to run standard CAT5e or similar Ethernet — and it is generally discouraged to run copper Ethernet between two physically separate structures as a result of the differential ground potentials [see: link] — I micro-trenched simplex single mode bend tolerant fiber optic. In addition to being able to push reliable, symmetric bandwidth, I’m able to start with 1Gbps and grow to 10Gbps in the future without changing the fiber.

Here’s the speed test link.

Cutting Concrete; Laying The Fiber

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